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CLM 01
Hank to Bobbing Yarn Winding Machine
Configuration Single Sided
Winding Type Conical
Winding Length Optional 6-8-10 inc
Winding Diameter Maximum 320 mm
Winding Speed Maximum 650 m/min.
Inverter (Speed Control) 1 for each spindle
Start/Stop 1 for each spindle
Package Stop 1 mechanic adjusted magnetic switch for each spindle
Radial Anti Patterning Sys. Electronic Adjusted
Yarn Feeler 1 for each spindle
Yarn Tensiyon Metal scale system for each spindle
Bobbin Density 1 Mechanic scales system for each spindle
Traverse Moving Driven from motor shaft
Winding Traverse 95 diameter rubber driven bakalite
Winding Motor For each spindle 1400 rpm / min. / 0,08Kw / 380V / 0,22A / 50Hz
Feeding Motor 1 for each spindle driven from motor
Waxing Motor 1 for each spindle
Feeding Drum 1 Motor driven for each spindle
Slub Catcher 1 Numerator adjusted mechanic scissors for each spindle
Hank Apparatus 900 gr for each spindle
Length 6-8-10 inches 2400 mm
Windth 1000 mm


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