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GSM 01
Gimped Winding Machine
Configuration Single Sided
Winding Type Pineapple mechanic traveller (parallel and conical)
Winding Length Optional 8-10 inc
Winding Diameter Maximum 200 mm
Winding Speed Maximum 600 m/min.
Inverter (Speed Control) 5 for spindle
Start/Stop 1 for each spindle
Package Stop Meter system with pc. Stops at the desired meter. Meter counter difference is max. +/-%3 in each spindles winding coefficient calibration can be adjusted each spineless cipher for digital program max. Winding value is 999,999mt.
Radial Anti Patterning Sys. Electronic Adjusted
Yarn Feeler 2 for each spindle ( BTSR )
Yarn Tensiyon Metal scale weighted for each spindle
Bobbin Density The constraint or of the cone density winding is mechanic adjusted by balance system yarn winding tension is adjusted with tension scale and feeding
Winding Motor 1 for spindle 2800 rpm/min./0,37Kw/380V/0,22A/50Hz
Feeding Motor 1 for spindle 2800 rpm/min./0,37Kw/380V/0,22A/50Hz
Scissors 1 for each spindle
Speed Adjustment Adjustable by pc separately for each spindle
Yarn Lubricate Adjustable rpm 1 for each spindle
Lycra Aparatus Lycra draft is adjutable by pc for each spindle
Yarn Feeding 1 for each spindles for filament yarn 1 for each spindle for lycra 1 for each spindles for gimped
Air Jet 1 for each spindle
Length 8-10 inches 2520 mm
Windth 1000 mm


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