We produce innovative
and respectful nature values.

For 40 years, we have been producing innovative and modern machines. We contribute to the development of the big family we have established together with our employees, customers, stakeholders and solution partners since 1976.

While producing the products that best meet the consumer needs in the textile yarn winding machinery sector, we also try to offer them the seamless infrastructure that will accelerate the production of the companies we work with. We are constantly improving our machines and equipping them with up to date technologies.

We are testing all machines for maximum benefit in R-D Department. We are proud to be a machine manufacturer that is frequently mentioned all over the world with the machines we have developed. We design products that add positive value to the Turkey economy.

With high quality raw materials and innovative infrastructure, our machines contain today's and tomorrow's technologies. We support accurate and efficient production with our qualified workforce, and we provide trainings to our employees in this direction. We keep all stages from the preparation and production of the product to the sale, including R-D, Production and Marketing, under control with our own network.

We know that our developing structure and high quality production infrastructure is possible together with you, our esteemed solution partners, and we are honored for the high interest you have shown us.


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